Sri Lanka also known as Ceylon, Pearl Of orient is a Buddhist country and has some of the most beautiful Buddhist sites. The beaches are splendid as its an island nation, but the hills are very beautiful. Enjoy the tea plantations which are based in the South and the East of the country. The Ceylon tea as is popularly known is enjoyed by connoisseurs all over the world.

Places to visit include Colombo, which is the largest city and a very colorful city. The mosques and temples are very pretty and definitely worth a look. Kandy is one of the most sacred cities. The Octagonal Dalada Maligawa temple houses the sacred tooth of Buddha. Visitors can see the daily homage procession of monks clad in white carrying lotus blossoms. The city is old Buddhist capital and is steeped in history.

Sri Lanka has a great climate all year round. Visitors will find the locals as gracious hosts and the food is also cheap. The local food includes a lot of seafood and is very delicious. There are many restaurants that serve other cuisines and are very easy to find. Dont forget to try the local kasippu(booze of the working class). It can be quite potent so be careful.