Wow, if you think you have seen enough palaces and castles from travelling around the world, you aint seen nothing yet.

The Forbidden City is fronted by the Tiananmen Square, the worlds largest public square (if there is anywhere close to this, it would be absolutely amazing) and scene of the Tiananmen Massacre.

The sight of green-uniformed, red badged guards stationed around the square gives a real feel of the old communist state ruled with an firm fist.

Common folk were once forbidden from entering the great palace that you see beyond the square, and when you enter the most enormous courtyard you have every seen, and thus the beginning of a place that feels like a whole different world by itself.

Architecture here is also quientessentially Chinese, and perhaps the best birds eye view of it all can be seen at Maos Masoleum (located outside, next to the Tiananmen Square)the resting place of the father of communism in China.